Bird Watching

The three hiking trails provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the surrounding forest and grassland areas for birds. The indigenous forests at Cata are home to an abundance of birds.

Cata’s most famous winged resident, however, is the rare and endangered Cape Parrot. A partnership between the village and Birdlife South Africa has seen this bird’s numbers increase phenomenally. Pecan-nut trees have been planted to provide a ‘buffer’ between the forest and the communal fruit orchards of the village, ensuring that the parrot and the people are not in competition. Sightings of a flock of approximately ten Cape Parrots are regularly reported.

Besides the Cape Parrot a number of forest and grassland bird species may also be identified: Green Twinspot, Olive Ground Thrush, Narina Trogon, Knysna Turaco, African Stonechat, Bush Blackcap, White-Starred Robin, Knysna and Olive Woodpecker, Bush Blackcape, White-starred Robin, Orange Ground-thrush, Grey Cuckooshrike, Dark-backed Weaver, Denham’s Bustard, Yellow Bishop, Grey Crwoned Crane, Jackal Buzzard, Lanner Falcon, Drakensberg Rockjumper and many others.

We suggest that you take a guided bird tour through the forest. A local Cata resident, passionate about birds and local flora, will take you on a three- or six-hour birdwatching expedition. Able to name birds in both English and isiXhosa, and engaging in his love of the subject, you are guaranteed a memorable outing.

WILDLIFE The region also supports a high diversity of animal species – porcupine, bushpig, bushbuck, common duikers, Giant Earthworms (unique to this area), Samango monkeys, Plaintive Rain Frogs, Rattling Frogs, Clicking Stream Frogs, the Hogsback Chirping Frog and the Amatola Toad (both extremely rare species unique to this area), boomslang, rinkhals, South-eastern Green Snake and more.

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